How to extract music from Wii games.

Getting the game disc image

If you have a softmodded Wii you can use CleanRip to get an ISO disc image of the game that can be played in an emulator.

If you own the game but don't want to rip it you can get game ISOs online through websites like MarioCube

Getting the music files

You can use Dolphin Emulator to view the contents of a Wii disc image by adding the ISO to Dolphin and right-clicking on the game, clicking properties and then the Filesystem tab. (Picture Coming Soon)

In the game filesystem expand the data partition if you haven't already and find a folder named something like sound examples are: "sound", "media", "snd" and "bgm" and extract any files that look like songs they may be named "bgm", "voice, "music" etc.

Converting music files

Most music files used in wii games can be converted to wav using VGMstream which you can run from the command line with the name of the music file

If the file is in the BRSTM format you can user VGMstream or play it online using Nikku

If it is a BSRAR file then its very difficult to extract however you can try a fork of VGMTrans

There are various tools at hcs64 related to ripping music but specifically the bsrar_tools section which has "ripping mama" and "bsrar_unpack" can unpack BSRARs

I'll add more formats as I encounter them in games.

Last Updated: 2022/10/11 14:30