Here is some of my design concepts :

Media Family Tree

Intrigued by the complicated ownership of prevalent UK media companies I created a poster that shows how they are owned. It currently only shows VMO2 and Sky UK but I plan to add other brans soon.

Poster design for BuelFest

Buelfest is a URLFest benefiting mutual aid for children in need of autism service dogs. I created a poster inspired by a "scrapbook look" using pictures of the organiser's dog :)

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Most of the stuff on this page was created in either Figma or Affinity Design

Circle Profile Picture Design:

Using a background and a circle component of a low opacity, I was able to create a translucency effect that creates an aesthetically pleasing profile picture, that uses my brand colours

I made it in three variations for apps that use circular, rounded and square profile pictures

Circlular image with a pattern of circles overlapping each other, the circles are partially transparent. Rounded square version of the previous imageSquare version of the first image

Circle Pattern

I created a gradient circle pattern, that could be used as background or cover image on a profile

Pattern of circles interlocking with each other, the background is white, and the circles are orange